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Dr. Cortés is an internationally known plastic surgeon who is known by many as “Dr. Hourglass.” Dr. Cortés has always been a perfectionist and is very detail-oriented. This is the reason he has developed multiple breast and buttock procedures to provide you with the best result. Dr. Cortés is very proud of his work. For this reason, he puts patient care and patient results above anything else. Both national and international patients have noticed his surgical results, and he routinely sees customers from all around the world. His hourglass techniques have been featured on TV and other media. Dr. Cortés gets many requests from surgeons in other countries who are interested in learning his innovative techniques.


Visit our YouTube channel DrWilbertoCorteslive and watch live surgeries of Dr. Cortes performing different procedures. Dr. Cortes believes that well-informed patients will have better outcomes and a higher satisfaction rate. This is the reason that he personally creates and edits all his videos both in English and Spanish.

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There is no better way to understand Dr. Cortés' philosophy and evaluate his surgical results than by exploring hundreds of before and after pictures of procedures he has performed. We welcome you to visit our impressive electronic gallery and explore the amazing results of Dr. Cortés.

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In the competitive world of cosmetic surgery, only a few surgeons stand out from the rest. Dr. Cortés has pushed the limits to achieve amazing transformations in cosmetic surgery. He has reviewed thousands of before and after pictures to improve his surgical techniques in an effort to provide you the best result available. Dr. Cortés has developed multiple procedures, including his famous Wonder breast procedures as well as Hourglass body procedures. He has many featured techniques including the Hourglass buttock augmentation, the Hourglass body implant, the Wonder breast reduction, and the Wonder breast lift, among others.

The Hourglass buttock augmentation is a fat transfer to the buttock. It is different from the Brazilian buttock augmentation. With the Hourglass procedure, Dr. Cortés not only increases your buttock projection but also provides you with an hourglass shape that few surgeons can reproduce. With the Hourglass body implant, Dr. Cortés uses a silicone buttock implant to augment your buttock, but he combines this with fat transfer to the hips and to the sides of the buttocks to provide you with buttocks that have an amazing hourglass shape.

In addition, Dr. Cortés has solved many issues with breast reduction and breast lift. With his Wonder breast reduction and Wonder breast lift, not only can he recreate and fix a saggy breast by lifting the breast, he can give the breast an implant-like look by reconstructing it from bottom to top. All of these techniques are the product of a master in cosmetic surgery, a surgeon who is very critical of himself, a surgeon who competes not with other surgeons but with himself to achieve one goal and only one goal, the very best result possible for each individual patient.

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