Butt Reduction

Conroe - Woodlands - Houston - Kingwood - Buttock Reduction - Wilberto G. Cortés, M.D. 

    Buttock reduction is the procedure to remove fat from the buttock area. This procedure is used in certain situations combined with liposuction of the hip, if there is an unnatural disproportion between the hips and the gluteal areas. Because there are many different buttock shapes, each sorrounding area wil require a careful analysis to achieve a proportionate buttock.

    During the procedure, contouring is performed with liposuction in the buttock and sorrounding areas. This will accentuate the aesthetic units resulting in a nicer shape of the butt. In some situations, the fat that was removed is purified and re-injected in certain areas, if there is a deficiency of fat. This will enhance the final result creating a beautiful proportionate body. The surgery tipically lasts three to four (3-4) hours and is done in the hospital or as an outpatient (same  day discharge). The patient cannot sit directly on the buttock for ten to fourteen (10 -14) days to ensure a better chance of permanent results. Most people will be able to return to work in two weeks.  A special garment must be worn for four weeks.