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    Patient 11108
    The beautiful result of her Wonder Breast Augmentation is made possible by Dr. Hourglass. This procedure can enhance the size or increase the fullness and projection of your breasts in the most possible way.
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    Patient 11120
    Her gorgeous result simply means that Wonder Breast Augmentation is an effective procedure designed to enhance the size and overall appearance of your breasts. This is made possible by Dr. Hourglass.
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    Patient 11090
    Wonder Breast Augmentation procedure is gaining popularity to women these days because it will greatly improve your breasts size and volume. Her result is a perfect example of an amazing result of Wonder Breast Augmentation that you can be very proud of.
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    Patient 11109
    This patient clearly doesn't have that perfect pair of breasts, in fact they are smaller for her body type. So, she decided to undergo a Wonder Breast Augmentation in order to enhance the size of her breasts and make it smaller and better than before.
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