Brazilian buttock lift traveling & anticoagulation

It is important for Brazilian buttock lift patients to stay active after the surgery, so they can maintain healthy blood circulation. Active blood circulation can keep you away from potential risks and complications after the procedure. Also, for at least a week, it is important for you to stay in the geographical region where you’ve had your surgery to make it certain that your surgical wounds heal properly, your discomforts are managed, and you are in good health to travel.
In order to avoid coagulation or clot formation, you should remain active after the surgery. Lack of movement after the procedure increases the risk of clot formation, because the blood accumulates in your legs, triggering clot development.
While majority patients do not complain of pain after Brazilian buttock lift, if your tolerance level is low, your surgeon may recommend pain management medications or techniques so that you can travel without major pain, discomfort, or problems.
When it comes to anticoagulation in healthy patients, the subject is highly debated. However, most surgeons agree people at higher risk of coagulation should be administered anticoagulation prophylaxis after the Brazilian buttock lift surgery. On the contrary, most cosmetic surgery patients come with little risk of clot formation, and do not qualify for anticoagulation medications.
Still, I prescribe certain medications like Lovenox to specific patients, depending on their health and tendency toward coagulation.
For example, after the surgery, if I see that the patient is inactive, his or her pain tolerance is low, or he or she has a long way to travel to return home, I prescribe them anticlotting medication. I personally believe that administering anticoagulation can generate a “catch 22” situation. While it can stop clot formation, it can also trigger excessive bleeding. Furthermore, anticoagulation medication has to be administered for 14 days after the procedure, because clot formation can occur even after 10 or up to 14 days after the operation.



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