Cellulite and buttock augmentation

With the Brazilian buttock augmentation, once liposuction is performed to harvest the fat from multiple areas of the body, this fat is processed and injected. The main goal of the Brazilian buttock augmentation is to provide you a more fuller, healthier, rounder buttocks. Patients come to the clinic for various reasons, and one concern is the cellulite in the buttocks. Cellulite is caused by herniation of fat cell through the fibrous tissue of the fascia that surrounds the fat. One of the areas that patients develop cellulitis is in the buttock area as well as the thigh and the hip area. I have noticed that there are two different appearances of cellulite, depending on the patient. Some patients have lost some weight, resulting in the deflation of the buttocks, and accentuating areas of cellulite due to relaxation of the skin. The other patients are the patients that have indentations from connection from the deep muscle all the way to the skin level. When I perform fat transfer to the buttocks, cellulite gets to some extent better, but is not a cellulite treatment. The notion that you can inject each area of cellulite and make it look rounder and make the cellulite disappear is not true and is not going to happen after the surgery. Certainly, the cellulite that gets better with injection of the fat is the one that forms when the patient has lost weight, since filling the buttocks will stretch the skin, making the cellulite improve its appearance. If you have cellulite or deep indentations in the buttocks, many times, the deep indentations and cellulite areas will still be there after surgery. They will get better, but they will never be completely removed with this procedure. You need to understand the limitations of the buttock augmentation procedure. Essentially, if you have cellulite and you augment the buttocks, you are going to have an augmented buttocks with slight improvement in cellulite, or you still are going to have it. The main goal of the Brazilian buttock augmentation is to enhance the volume of your buttocks and the shape, but is not going to completely remove any area that has indentation or cellulite.



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