Fat grafting versus silicone implants for butt enhancement

When you seek to boost your bottom through plastic surgery, you’ll come across two options to achieve your desired butt: buttock fat grafting and buttock implants.fat-grafting-vs-silicone-implants-buttWhen you seek to boost your bottom through plastic surgery, you’ll come across two options to achieve your desired butt: buttock fat grafting and buttock implants. The silicone implant is the most popular type of buttock implant. Some plastic surgeons may recommend fat grafting, while others tell you to go for silicone implants; however, what method should be used depends largely on your aesthetic goals, body outline, expectations, and budget.

If you want to get a rounded behind, your surgeon may recommend silicone butt enhancement. On the other hand, if you aim to make your buttocks attractive by restructuring and contouring them, fat grafting can be a good option for you. Your body mass and weight will also be taken into account when deciding on the butt enhancement method for you. For example, if you are slim and have no extra fat, your plastic surgeon will recommend silicone implants. If your buttocks have become slack after weight loss, fat grafting may be used to enhance them.

The fat grafting procedure involves the creation of very small incisions in your butt so that suction tubes can be placed under your skin to remove the fat. In order to inject the processed and purified fat back into your butt, your plastic surgeon will create new, equally tiny incisions in your skin. On the other hand, the silicone butt implant procedure involves a relatively large incision in the area between the cheeks of your butt.

It is important to understand that in fat grafting, your own fat is used to reshape your buttocks, while in the implant procedure, silicone material is placed in your buttocks. The implants are solid and pre-shaped. Both procedures involve risks and potential complications like susceptibility to infections, bleeding, and blood clot formation, but fat grafting is relatively less risky because the incisions are smaller and your own fat is used.

The healing period is often lengthy in the case of silicone butt implants (four to six weeks). You will also experience a high degree of pain and inflammation in your buttocks during the healing
period. The healing period for fat grafting is a maximum of two weeks. Pain and inflammation are also minimal.

Fat grafting is a time-consuming and costly procedure because it involves the preparation of fat tissue before it is injected into your butt. Silicone implants are relatively less time-consuming. Butt augmentation via fat grafting can be a permanent solution for some people if done correctly. On the other hand, silicone implants are not permanent, because you will have to go for replacement surgery if you experience any complications, or if you notice a change in the shape of your buttocks.

At the time of your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon, make sure to ask questions about the advantages and disadvantages of the buttock enhancement options your surgeon gives you. It is also important to share your aesthetic goals, expectations, and medical history with your surgeon, so the best and safest butt enhancement option can be recommended for you.



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