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Dr. Wilberto Cortés is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Early in his journey to become a plastic surgeon, Dr. Cortés received numerous awards and distinctions during his college and postgraduate years. He pursued his dream of becoming a plastic surgeon. He graduated from a US Accredited Medical School. Subsequently, he went to study at the Medical College of Wisconsin and became a plastic surgeon after very intense training.

After graduating from the Medical College of Wisconsin, Dr. Cortés traveled and visited some of the best-known plastic surgeons around the nation to learn more about body contouring procedures. During his growth as a plastic surgeon, he came to understand that there are better ways to achieve aesthetic excellence than by simply doing the traditional techniques in which he was trained over the course of 7 years. Using his intellect and applying the basic techniques of plastic surgery, he developed multiple procedures to accomplish better results.

Dr. Cortés developed the hourglass body procedure, which includes the Hourglass buttock implant, Hourglass tummy tuck, Hourglass buttock augmentation with fat as well as the Wonder breast procedures including the Wonder breast lift, the Wonder breast reduction, and the Wonder breast augmentation. In a very short period of time after he established his practice in Houston, the community noticed his unbelievable results. After beginning a fully cosmetic practice, Dr. Cortés created a culture of providing the best results to the patient.

For this reason, patients from all over the world come routinely, seeking his advice to improve their body. Dr. Cortés is a very talented plastic surgeon and the media have noticed him, also. He has appeared several times on TV to describe his techniques and his approach to plastic surgery. Dr. Cortés continues to evolve professionally, with a never-ending desire to improve himself as a plastic surgeon. His philosophy is to never leave the OR until he has performed the best surgical procedure to provide his patient with a great result. Patients routinely say one thing:

“There is Dr. Cortés, and then there is everybody else.”
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