Amount of fat required to achieve a large behind with Brazilian butt lift

The amount of fat that is used to sculpt your buttocks varies from patient to patient. These days, patients often search different websites in order to determine how big they want their buttocks to be after a buttock enhancement procedure. One of the main questions that I typically get is “Can I get 1,000 cc?” Nevertheless, after performing more than 1,000 fat transfer procedures, I can guarantee that you will need at least 700 ccs of fat injected into the buttock for a noticeable result. Remember, when we inject fat into the buttock, it is not only for projection, but also for changing your shape. Any area where we inject fat requires a significant amount of fat. Just a little bit of fat taken from any given specific area of your body will not be sufficient for a nice result. Certainly, putting close to 1,000 cc of fat into each buttock should be the goal for a buttock enhancement procedure. Before you have a Brazilian butt lift, it is necessary that a surgeon with experience examine you to see if you have enough fat to use. If we do not get at least the 700 cc mark of pure fat, you are not going to be satisfied with your result.

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