Anesthesia for buttock augmentation

There is just a single kind of anesthesia that we regard suitable for use in a butt augmentation procedure.
When fat is collected for butt augmentation, liposuction is performed in the more corpulent parts of the body such as the abdomen, flanks, the sides, upper and lower back. We need to inject an average of 800 cc to 1000 cc of fat in each butt, which can take from about 3 to 4 hours.

Since the method is very long, we want to use a general anesthetic. Under general anesthetics, you will be completely asleep, which allows the surgeon to properly sculpt and shape your butt in accordance with your desires and expectations.
After liposuction is performed and the fat is removed, tumescent anesthesia is injected. This anesthesia also helps to control the pain and anesthetics requirements. If you undergo these procedures without general anesthetic, it will be extremely uncomfortable and awfully painful for you.

You can absolutely do liposuction under general anesthetics. In fact, there are different differing opinions about the best type of anesthesia. The weakness in tumescent anesthesia is that it contains lidocaine, and the amount of lidocaine that will be required to numb all these areas will be above the maximum recommended, which can cause toxicity and death.

On the other hand, general anesthetic provides a more controlled environment, so when you are placed on your abdomen and liposuction is performed on your back, the airway is secure. In my practice, I believe that general anesthesia is the main and best choice for a successful surgery that can give you the best and optimal results with absolutely no pain during the procedure.

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