Asymmetries in buttock augmentation

Buttock augmentation is one of the surgical procedures which is commonly considered by most women in terms of body enhancement. It would be great if the patient considering the said procedure will follow all the instructions to be given by the surgeon. This is because if the instructions are followed, there is a high chance that the patient will achieve her desired results as well as she will have a fast recovery. But before the patient creates her expectations, she should be aware of when she should consider buttock augmentation, why should she consider the said procedure and how is it done.

Little do you know that asymmetries can also happen in the buttocks. This can be fixed by placing a larger implant on one side than the other. Usually, buttock augmentation asymmetries are better corrected with fat since it is more flexible and can fix a spectrum of different deformities. Up to a noticeable difference of 100cc can be corrected. In any case, using implants of various sizes to correct asymmetries can be complex. Placing an implant to correct the defects in the central part of the buttock will affect the surrounding areas. This can even make the asymmetries more prominent by making the peripheral part of the buttock look more indented. For this particular reason, a combination of fat transfers is always advised to correct any asymmetries. The implant will provide the foundation for the projection, while the fat will provide the means to make the buttocks look more natural and beautiful.

If you will have buttock augmentation, consider the right buttock implant size to make it more appealing and look more natural. You can ask your surgeon regarding this because he will tell you how to determine the right size for you. He will base the size regarding your anatomy.

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