Breast implant capsule contracture

There have been multiple studies, debates, and theories as to why patients can experience complications after breast enhancement surgery. Even plastic surgeons and researchers are puzzled why complications can occur even if there are well-tailored operative plans for each patient.

Capsular contraction is among the complications that most patients do not want to experience. Not only because this condition is painful. It also means that the breast implants have to be removed.

Choosing the type and size of breast implant is critical to the success of the surgery, as well as to the safety of the patient. If you want to know how you can avoid this condition, you might as well know the important details about the available breast implants in the market today.

There are two types of implant filling material for breast implants. There is the saline implant, which is filled with essentially water, and the silicone implant, which is filled with medical-grade silicone gel. It is universally accepted that silicone implants have a higher rate of capsular contracture compared to saline implants.

Some attribute this difference to what is called silicone gel bleed. If we look at the evolu

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