Breast lift areola

Breast lift is among the popular cosmetic intervention to the breasts, especially for women who had multiple pregnancies. This intervention also entails major and minor procedures. Among these is the breast lift that focuses on the areola.

If you have developed some sort of sagginess and it is considered minor, which means that the nipple-areolar complex is low on the breast, a minor breast lift or a periareolar breast lift may be the best solution for you. However, a thorough assessment and examination must be conducted first.

When it comes to breast lifting, I analyze the location of the nipple as it relates to the breast mound. If the nipple is not in the right place, then a breast lift will be necessary. You can combine a breast lift with an augmentation or do a breast lift without implants.

Either way, the techniques used to lift the breasts are very similar, using the same principles that apply to any given breast surgery. The incision is placed and the area of excess skin to be removed is marked with a bigger circle. If you need an implant, it can be placed through the same incision to provide some volume to the breast while at the same time lifting the breast through the periareolar approach.

To sum up, the breast lift is a procedure that is intended to bring back the harmony of the nipple-areolar complex that can improve the overall aesthetic look of the breast. You must be open to the fact that whenever you have a breast lift, you are going to have scars that are more extensive than the ones you see with breast augmentation.

Remember, you cannot choose a particular technique to enhance your breasts. Your breasts and your anatomy at the end of the day will determine the most indicated procedure to provide you with the best result.

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