Buttock augmentation and c-section scar

When it comes to buttock augmentation, most patients worry if they would be a good candidate for the procedure as one of the requirements are the amount of fat that a patient has. On the other hand, there are patients that are curious to know if they would still be eligible to undergo the intervention when they already have abdominal scars that have been acquired from a C-section, cholecystectomy, Lap-Band and other surgical intervention.

Well, the good news is, these types of scars are not the factors that will hinder you to undergo buttock augmentation. If you are kind of reluctant to enhance your body because you think you are not a good candidate anymore, then it is always best to ask a Board certified surgeon like Dr. Cortes.

Buttock augmentation using fat grafting technique requires the use of liposuction. Yes, the location of your scar will be taken into consideration prior the surgery so that further issues will be avoided. This includes problems with the blood supply to the abdomen or any area where liposuction will be performed. However, in most part, your scar will not be a major issue. It could only mean that you have some sort of excess skin in the abdomen.

However, it is important that you understand from the earliest part of the surgery that undergoing buttock augmentation would not help you get rid of the excess skin in your abdomen. To make it short, if you have it before the surgery, you will still have it after. Your surgeon might recommend you to undergo another procedure that is really intended to remove surplus skin such as the tummy tuck. But for now, know that having a C-section scar is not a contraindication for a buttock augmentation; it simply means that you might have excess skin and problems with blood supply, which you need to be understood beforehand.

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