Buttock implant post op care

If you have undergone buttock implant, it is essential for you to know the measures regarding post-operation care. Be aware that the recovery for buttock implants is far different from buttock augmentation with fat. Butt augmentation with an implant is a procedure that is not performed by most plastic surgeons. The good news is that a new method has been developed to minimize buttock augmentation complications. In order to avoid infections during the recovery process, patients must follow strict protocols.

If you have undergone the said procedure, take note that as a patient, you have to refrain from sitting for roughly three weeks. There is a reason why you should avoid sitting too much. This is simply because sitting puts a lot of pressure on the buttocks, putting tension on the incision in the inner gluteal fold and may cause wound dehiscence. If the implant is exposed and infected, there is no way to save it. It must be removed and the patient must wait at least six months in order to replace the implant.

These drains will help remove any fluid accumulation around the implant that can cause capsule contracture, prolonged inflammation, and wound dehiscence. These must be carefully tended to in order to avoid infection.

Finally, the patient must move around and drink a lot of liquids to stay away from blood clots. Following these recommendations will result in excellent recovery and a successful surgery. On the other hand, if the patient does not follow the instructions recommended by the surgeon, there is a high possibility that you will not get the results that you want. The surgery will be nonsense if the patient is not satisfied with the results. Know that the results do not only depend on the surgeon because no matter how good the surgeon is if his instructions are not followed, the desired results will not be achieved.

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