Buttock implant sizes and their complications

If you are planning to undergo butt implant, you should be aware of the measures before, during and after the surgery has been performed. Know that complications might arise especially if the patient does not choose the right buttock implant size. Regardless of the anatomical area, there is a higher possibility to have bigger complications if the patient has bigger implants compared to what she should have. Remember, the bigger the implant, the bigger the complications.

When it comes to butt augmentation, complications can happen if the implant is bigger than what your anatomy allows. Placing an implant that is too large will create deformities in terms of shape. It will also increase the tension on the incisions that can cause the wound to open and result in infection. Also, pressure on the buttock due to an increase in size can cause necrosis of the skin. Skin that has been stretched too much can die. Since the sciatic nerve runs under the muscles of the butt, when an implant is placed, it can cause compression of the nerve, causing pain and irritation that will sometimes require removal of the implant.

Moreover, the bigger the implant, the more the skin will be stretched. When this happens, it will result in sagging of the skin. Every patient should be aware of the possibilities after the surgery. This is to lessen the tension that they might feel before the surgery. It will also stop them from worrying too much. In choosing a buttock implant that is appropriate for you, it is extremely important to be aware of the complications in order to avoid them. It is also essential to choose the right buttock implant size. It is determined by several factors which include body frame and skin tone. If you want to learn more regarding butt implant, you can ask your surgeon about it.

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