How to choose the right buttock implant size

Having a butt implant is one of the most considered procedures by women regarding beauty enhancement. This is because aside from the breasts, the buttocks are another factor which is considered in determining whether the person has a waist wasp body or none. If you are planning to have a butt implant, take note that there are many things to monitor before you undertake the said procedure. You should also know how to choose the right buttock implant size because if you have a butt implant bigger than what you should have, more likely, the implant will look unnatural.

You have to remember that butt implant size is determined by measuring the butt width in relation to the buttock implant width. Know that buttock implant sizes are limited, so picking the correct size is a must for every patient. It can be determined by evaluating other factors such as body frame and skin tone. Most patients are given 400 to 500cc butt implants, combined with a fat injection between 300 to 400cc. As a result, the patient will have a total buttock volume starting from 800 to 900cc. In deciding the right implant size for buttocks, these anatomical factors, along with proper medical experience, must be taken into consideration.

For example, if the implant is bigger than the butt, complications may arise. This includes implant palpability or visibility of the edges. Furthermore, the skin tone also decides how large the implant can be, assuming the width of the implant and the width of the buttock are adequate. If the skin tone is extremely tight, putting a big implant regardless of a large buttock can result in loss of skin secondary to pressure necrosis, as well as wound dehiscence due to an increased tension at the incision site. This is why it is really important to talk with your surgeon first before you undertake butt implants.

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