Breast augmentation is a cosmetic intervention that is intended to help the patients desire, which is mostly women, to increase the size of their breasts and to enhance the shape as well.

The primary objective of this surgical intervention is to enhance a patient’s natural proportions and create more symmetrical breasts which makes the aesthetic look more appealing. However, the most important part in deciding on a breast augmentation surgery is to discuss it with a well-trusted and experienced cosmetic surgeon. Let me give you an overview of how I perform breast augmentation.

The inframammary incision provides very direct access to the breast for implant placement. Once the patient is prepped and draped, an incision is made at the inframammary fold. This incision has been pre-marked right before the surgery. Dissection continues through the breast tissue, parallel to the chest muscle. Once the chest muscle is identified, it is completely detached from the lower border all the way to the midline to the side of the breast.

Once I am inside the breast pocket, the submuscular plane or the plane below the muscle is dissected. This plane is essentially an avascular plane. There are certain vessels that you will see coming through the chest wall that needs to be cauterized to avoid bleeding and hematoma after the procedure. If I am using a saline implant, the saline bag is placed. Antibiotic solution is used to irrigate the implant and then the implant is inflated to the desired breast size.

Finally, the incision is closed in multiple layers, from the deep layers all the way to the superficial layers. The incisions are covered with dressings, and the patient will go home the same day. Breast augmentation is a very satisfying procedure for the patient; they will see an instant increase in the breast volume, which results in beautiful breasts.

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