Silicone granuloma silicone injection

These days, there is a very alarming trend of patients getting injected with illegal products, including silicone. If you survive the silicone injection, there are other complications that can occur, and these are very predictable. One of the most common complications is called a silicone granuloma. A granuloma is essentially a reaction of the body against this foreign object, and it creates a scar formation with inflammation around it. If the granuloma is small, this is not a problem, but when you use silicone to augment the hips or buttocks, a significant amount is injected, and the patient can develop multiple granulomas. Think about your health, your family, and your future before going to a hotel and having a madam inject some sort of liquid into your buttocks or any part of your body because you are desperate to have a better body. So, if you do not have any problems, great, but most likely, you will develop a problem in the future.

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