Breast augmentation is a very popular cosmetic surgery as it provides the size and shape of breasts that most women dream to have. This intervention requires the use of implants that are approved by the FDA. Before the surgery, you would go through a lot of consultation and assessment in order to determine the best type and size of implants that is appropriate for your anatomical condition. You just can’t pick the size that you want as it might lead to health risks in the future.

When it comes to breast augmentation, there are different types of implants that can be chosen to accomplish the treatment goals. Keep in mind that you must not depend on what you read from different sources. You must discuss it with a board certified plastic surgeon. This is also to ensure that the implants that will be used are safe and recommended for human use.

One of the factors that we can change is choosing a textured versus a smooth implant. The textured implant feels like sandpaper when you touch it, versus the smooth implant, which is completely smooth.

When you have a textured implant, your breast actually does not move as naturally as with smooth implants, because the tissue grows into the texture of the implant itself. So, you must determine if you want to have more natural movement of your breasts, versus movement that.

The textured implant is a good option for you if your surgeon prefers to perform breast augmentation above the muscle. In these cases there is no question that textured implants reduce the risk of capsular contracture compared to smooth implants.

It is of utmost importance that you discuss your concerns about textured versus smooth implants with your plastic surgeon. He will provide the best information regarding the best option for you when it comes to choosing the texture of your implant.

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