The V shaped buttock

As mentioned before, there are several types of buttocks and it is essential to know what type of buttock you have before you undergo any kind of buttock enhancement. You have to let your surgeon examine your body because for him to provide you with the best shape, he needs to study your anatomy. The results of the buttock enhancement will not only depend on the surgeon himself but it will also be determined by the kind of anatomy you have.

There are different types of buttocks and one of the most challenging ones to correct with any buttock enhancement procedure is the V-shaped buttock. It is important to understand the V-shaped buttock. Patients with V-shaped buttocks are not the best candidates for a buttock enhancement procedure. If you have this type of butt, you will notice that you can have the fat transfer to the buttock, but the problem is that these anatomical factors are going to negatively impact the final results. To change a buttock from a V-shape to an A-shape—to make the lower part of the buttock wider than the top—is virtually impossible. If you have this type of buttocks, you can still have the surgery, but you are not going to get the results that you want.

This is the main reason why it is important to let your body be examined first by the surgeon. Not all are possible candidates for some procedures. You should know if you are a possible candidate or not so that you can stop yourself from creating unrealistic expectations. As a patient, you have to know your responsibility. Know the procedure because it will help in clearing out your misconceptions regarding any kind of procedure. You can also ask your surgeon regarding the operation for you to be aware of the surgical operation.

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