Unnatural look with saline implants

One of the common things that patients fear when they undergo any kind of body enhancement procedures is getting an unnatural look. Even if many people want to improve their body, what they want is to make it look natural. Breast augmentation is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the United States. The fact that it can make anyone’s breasts bigger gives women a good reason to try this surgical operation. If you are one of those people who is dreaming of having bigger breasts, you should understand first that to make your breasts look natural, you have to pay attention to your breast base, how wide your breasts are, and lastly, your implant profile.

Some people consider having saline implants. This is simply because it gives the advantage of adding more volume compared to other implants with minimal volume recommended. Breast manufacturers allow and recommend a certain range of volume to be added to a breast implant. An example of this is a 330 cc Mentor implant which can actually go all the way to 400 cc without compromising the warranty of the implant. The more volume put on a saline implant, the fuller your breasts are going to look at the top. This is due to the fact that the implant has a standard width.

Understand that adding more volume to a saline implant will essentially stretch it in an anterior direction. This means that it will stretch both at the top and the bottom. It does not tend to increase to the side, so the more volume you put, the fuller your breast becomes at the top, making it look more unnatural. Regardless of the body profile, the breast will certainly end up looking unnatural once a standard saline implant is filled to its maximum capacity.

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