The Vertical Breast Lift

I am sure you have searched the Internet looking for a surgeon who can provide you with a breast lift using the technique that suits you the best. I am sure you have noticed that different patients have different scars.

It is not that the surgeon picks and chooses breast lift techniques. I am sure that if surgeons had a magic power or a way to always lift the breast with minimal scars, we would all do that because ultimately the goal of the plastic surgeon is to provide the best result. Unfortunately, that is not the case for most patients.

One technique that is very useful to lift the breast is called a vertical breast lift. If you are not a candidate for the periareolar breast lift, meaning a lift with a scar around the areola, because your sagginess is more than 3 cm, then a vertical breast lift is the procedure for you.

When we perform a breast lift, we keep the scar around the areola. In those patients who require more skin removed, there is going to be a scar vertically down from the nipple to the inframammary fold. This is sometimes called a lollipop breast lift because it looks like the lollipop candy.

This breast technique is very useful when you have breast sagginess between 3 cm and 8 or 9 cm. If you have sagging that goes beyond 9 cm, the excess skin needs to be removed either by the anchor or inverted T technique, which I do not like to use or by an L-shaped technique where the scar goes vertically down and then to the side.

The appropriate type of breast lift for you will depend on your breast anatomy. The vertical breast lift is what is considered a moderate breast lift: in other words, a breast lift that is indicated in patients with moderate sagginess. If you have severe sagginess, you are going to need a more extensive surgery, and if you have less sagginess, a periareolar breast lift will be sufficient for you.


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