Where is the fat injected for buttock augmentation

Aside from the breasts, one of the body parts which is commonly enhanced is the buttock. Many women want a larger behind, making them consider butt enhancement. There are several types of buttock augmentation and one of these is the Brazilian buttock augmentation. In this procedure, the fat is harvested and then processed. The fat is injected into the buttock. In this way, the buttock will have a nice shape as well as some projection. Fat injection is very technique dependent. There are two levels to inject fat. Doing these things can help you achieve better results.

If you will take a look at the anatomy of the buttock, you will notice that there is large muscle which is commonly called as the gluteal muscle. When fat is injected, the surgeon needs to do it in both layers particularly the intramuscular inside the muscle and also outside the muscle. Because the muscle has a very good blood supply, it is generally accepted that the fat that is injected inside the muscle tends to last longer and the chances of losing fat after the procedure are less because the blood supply will allow the fat to survive for a very long period of time. If you want to change your shape into an hourglass shape, then injecting the fat inside the muscle is not going to result in that shape that you desire.

40% of the fat inside the muscle and 60% of the fat outside the muscle are typically injected. You need to understand these things because if you keep on expecting results which are impossible to achieve, you will only be disappointed after the surgery. Know that you cannot achieve 100% of your desires so better if you let the surgeon examine your body first for he knows what would be the best option for you.

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