Rupture and deflation in saline implants

RUPTURE AND DEFLATION IN SALINE IMPLANTSOccasionally, breast implants can tear or leak. The solution used to fill saline implants is nothing but salty water that will be easily absorbed into your body. Silicone implants can leak too, but in this case, two situations can emerge. If the implant has a capsular scar surrounding it, the leak won’t be felt at all. But if the implant is not surrounded by a capsule, it will leak directly into the nearby tissues, giving the sensation that the implant is deflating. The leaking gel can collect at breast level, and a new capsular scar can appear around it. In other cases, the gel can migrate through the lymphatic system to a different area of the body. These types of leaks from silicone gel implants could require a new surgery to replace them. If the silicone gel has already spread in the body, it makes it difficult to recover completely.

The possible causes of rupture and deflation of breast implants are many: surgical tools can damage the implants during the surgery, saline implants can be overfilled or underfilled, and capsular contraction or stress generated by physical trauma after the breast enhancement surgery can rupture an implant. Something as simple as a mammogram can cause rupture and deflation in implants due to the exaggerated compression of the breasts. The experts have not yet discovered all the causes that can lead to rupture and deflation of saline implants, but the age of the implants can also be one.

The most common complication associated with breast implants is capsular contraction. Sometimes in these cases, a new surgery will be needed to remove the capsular scar or even to replace the implant.

What happens in the case of a rupture in a saline implant?

If a breast implant filled with saline solution breaks, the implant will deflate and the shape of the breast will change. The sterile saline solution will be reabsorbed by the tissues with no consequences to the patient’s health, but the silicone capsule will need to be removed, and a new implant can be inserted during the same operation.

Following the doctor’s orders after a breast enhancement procedure with saline implants can make all the difference between a successful operation and one that has complications and increased risks. The suggestion is to resume physical activity only after the plastic surgeon advises this and to take the necessary precautions while doing so. Avoid all activities that can put pressure on your breasts, because the pressure can cause structural changes in the saline implants.

While in some cases the rupture and deflation of saline implants can’t be prevented, it is important to check in with your doctor if you notice any changes at the breast level, even if they happen a long time after the surgery was performed. Even if you haven’t noticed the trauma, your doctor will be able to diagnose your situation and suggest what to do next.


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